The pressure builds

Saturday. Birthdays for Bill Russell, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.

First it was beer, chips, fast food, cars. Then tech and internet companies began to pay out the big bucks to run commercials. (Remember those GoDaddy ads?) Now it’s time for crypto and NFTs to take center stage. The problem is that people now just go to their phones to watch TikTok during the commercial breaks.

How big a threat is inflation? It depends on who you ask. Some think it would be a positive development, at least for for younger people stuck with stagnant wages, student loans and high home mortgages. Wages go up while liabilities remain fixed, giving them more money to pay off loans. But food and other costs also rise. And even if allowed to run for a while, inflation can’t go on forever or allowed to become runaway. And to prevent that, apparently, we’ll need a recession. It could be a big one. It could be a small one. It’s very complicated. And uncertain.

Mayor Flynn at the helm? Déjà vu all over again.

Another big milestone for the Webb Telescope. Sensors are up, working and sending data. Next: calibrating the mirrors.

And Marc Hurwitz reports on the opening of a new public house in Maynard called the Bull Spit Taproom. What’s in a name?

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