The power of commitment

Friday. The week concludes with sunshine.

Murder rates jumped back up in the US as the pandemic receded. And it wasn’t only here that that happened.

This year’s Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, on May 9th, will be a virtual one. Tina Chéry is doing the organizing, as she has for the last 25 years.

Restaurants are reopening at the same time as the pool of available workers is shrinking. Bad news for diners – but maybe good news for service workers, who are now in a better position to demand higher pay and improved benefits.

Many colleges and universities are requiring vaccines for returning students. Duh.

And the original artwork for the band Boston’s second album, Don’t Look Back, is up for auction. The big flying saucer/guitar illustration was going for just over $13 thousand bucks, last time I looked. (Why do I think it will end up in Ernie Boch Jr.‘s man cave.)

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