The plot against America

It’s Sunday, May 31st. Covfefe is 3 years old today.

Can your Fitbit tell you if you have Covid-19? Maybe. They’re working on it.

The FBI has reportedly uncovered a new Al-Qaeda plot: The terrorist group is planning to sit at home and watch the collapse of United States on TV. Yes, it’s from The Onion, but this one stings a little bit.

Boston-area photographer Elsa Dorfman, whose photos hang in the Museum of Fine Art, has died.

A lot of people have had enough. They’re over it.” You know, the masks, the lines, the Clorox wipes, the “tragic hair, the diminished hygiene, the endless construction next door, the Zoom meetings from hell…”. But even when it is over, you still have to wash your hands.

And if you’ve ever mocked the poor wording and misspellings in those Nigerian prince emails, then you’ve been successfully sorted out of the process. Apparently the scammers are smarter than you think.

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