The new new thing

It’s Saturday and there’s only one more week left until March. RIP, Amerigo Vespucci, Andy Warhol and Dennis Johnson.

WAAF is no more. The station that brought you Whip ’em out Wednesday is now Christian radio.

The Hynes Convention Center is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s in a great location in the Back Bay but it isn’t big enough to support most modern large conventions. Should the property be sold to a developer and the money used to expand the convention center in the Seaport? That seems to make sense to everyone but Back Bay business owners and they make some good points on keeping the Hynes where it is. Stay tuned.

The widow for containing a coronavirus epidemic is narrowing says the head of the World Health Organization. What are the implications? According to some experts it would put us in “uncharted territory.” Concern is growing at the highest levels, although maybe not for the right reasons.

A new technology net-zero building is slated for Roxbury. The five story cross-laminated timber structure will have 19 residential units and be one of the most energy efficient buildings in the US. Other than noting that Roxbury is “in the south end of Boston,” the article in The Architect’s Newspaper doesn’t provide a location for the project. But the illustrations put it at Hampden and Eustis.

And Better Call Saul is back on Sunday. All is well with the world.

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