The new, new normal

Today is Tuesday, May 12th. The great Exile on Main St. was released on this date a mere 48 years ago.

Football could still happen in the fall, without the fans, according to Fauci.

Massachusetts will get back to normal in four phases based on a plan announced by Governor Baker yesterday. The phases are: Start; Cautious; Vigilant; and The New Normal. Forget essential vs. non-essential. Instead, this plan is based on the ability of businesses to conduct safe interactions in the workplace and with customers. Makes sense. A more detailed description of what’s opening, and when, will be released on Monday.

Sometimes, as Marc Hurwitz puts it, you need to GTFO. Outside, that is. Places where you can stretch and get some fresh air. He provides a good list of destinations.

According to Bruce Mohl, MBTA ridership, although way down from pre-Covid levels, has been inching up recently, and apparently there’s nothing in place for handling distancing. It really doesn’t matter if people are separated by six feet in the office if they’re crammed into a sardine can on the way there.

And in New Orleans, you can get a mask with a hole in it. You know, so you can sip an adult beverage through a straw while social distancing.

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