The new, new, new, new thing

Hey, It’s Friday!

In New York City, rats are getting a last meal of Oreo cookies before summary execution.

Chris Dixon on why Web3 matters. Kara Swisher is both excited and dubious about it. She advises caution though, writing, “before you start imagining some digital utopia, many (with some justification) think the Web3 movement is also rife with hype, windbags and more than a little grift.” Nicholas Weaver takes it a step further. He thinks it’s an outright fraud.

The Massachusetts rainy day fund is overbrimming. That’s good. We’ll need it when we become our own country.

Some people can’t correct when they’ve taken a wrong stance, so I give credit to San Francisco Mayor Breed for her newfound support for traditional policing. Marc Thiessen takes a more cynical view.

And Tatum Hunter, writing in the Washington Post, provides a guide to secure passwords. But it’s not just a guide. It’s the Ultimate Guide.

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