The new Boston

It’s Tuesday! Election day. Today’s word is passel.

Scientists studying body temperature say we’re getting cooler. But also lazier.

James Aloisi looks at some of Boston’s defining moments of the past and sees this election as right up there with them. Familiar face Bill Galvin doesn’t think there will be a big turn out. But the candidates spent the Friday night before the election talking to college students, so somebody thinks at least they will come out to vote. And Jack Thornton lays out the three ballot questions, two of which are big deals. Questions 1 and 3 are directly related to mayoral authority and accountability. So here we go.

Joshua Eaton at FiveThirtyEight writes about firearm trafficking and the huge gaps in data about where the guns used in crimes come from.

The pandemic is over. But it’s not over. But it is kinda. But not really. The Washington Post looks at the complexity of getting past Covid. How can we miss it if it won’t go away?

And Facebook just isn’t cool anymore. Kids don’t want to join. But there’s this new thing. It’s called the Metaverse.

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