The new Boston

Sunday. Fun day. Also a pretty slow news day.

Ben Sisario got a look at Peter Jackson’s Get Back, a seven-hour Beatles documentary. (It looks like I’m going to have to sign up for the Disney Channel.)

Bostonians get a lot of entertainment from reports of storrowing. Nathan Phillips wants to take that all away. And Shirley Leung would like to see the downtown become a big residential neighborhood where we can all lay down on the grass in Post Office Square after a long day of telework. I would be down with that.

So apparently it’s not the medium or the message. They’re just giving people what they want. Maybe the problem is the audience. We have met the enemy…

I guess Rivian’s IPO went well. They now have a valuation that surpasses General Motors even though they’ve only shipped 150 cars.

And here’s another video from the Facebook metaverse. Oh, wait a minute.

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