The money go round

Today is Friday. And it’s a nice one. The word of the day is exhort.

The national debt has exceeded the gross domestic product. The sky hasn’t fallen. But it’s getting very heavy.

Pam Kocher is the head of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau and she has some thoughts about the proposal to expand the role of the City Council in the budget process. I agree with her, it’s not a good idea.

Tom Warren explains how a typo in the OpenStreetMap database created a two hundred story building in Australia that pilots now need to avoid.

Usually, when people suggest sweeping initiatives, the devil ends up being in the details. But in the case of mandating flu shots for students this fall, it’s a pretty simple deal. Just get a shot before going back to school. That’s all.

And at least until October, Hawaii is only for Hawaiians. Kākou, but just not for you.

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