The luck of the Irish

Tuesday, March 17th. Erin go Bragh. And all the pubs are closed.

Canada is closed and Mexico is considering closing its border with the US.

Don’t drop your iPhone. Apple stores are also closed until further notice.

What will the worldwide shutdown do to the global economy? It’s still an open question. In a Times article, Neil Irwin highlights the basic underpinning of any economy, “One person’s spending is another person’s income,” and takes it from there.

Bye bye Tom Brady. Not such a big deal really, in context.

An interesting and important fact about Covid-19: some infections are mild and the people that have them are less infectious to others. Many of these mild cases are under the radar. But when they do spread to another person, that new infection is not necessarily mild.

Old people are complaining about young people. Young people are complaining about old people. Sounds about right. Some people seem to think they’re going to need a gun to defend their toilet paper. I doubt that will be necessary. This is not an apocalyptic every-man-for-himself scenario. This is more of a we’re-all-in-this-together-let’s-all-pitch-in situation. Taylor Swift is helping. And supermarket workers. Also Gov. Mike DeWine. Not helping? …Ron Paul, Softbank and people who spread stupid rumors.

And, if you watch anything today, watch this.

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