The long view

Today is Thursday. It’s the anniversary of the Broad Street riots, which led to the establishment of the Boston police and fire departments.

Summer is coming in with a bang.

At his regular Covid press conference, Marty Walsh did a good job highlighting a more realistic approach to improving police/community relations than simply cutting budgets. Charlie Baker also rejects the sloganeering around the issue of defunding the police. “I certainly don’t support the whole concept that we should get out of the business of providing public safety to our communities,” he said.

Don’t Yelp slam restaurants that are struggling to get back on their feet. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. This is the time to cut some slack. (And continue to overtip.)

You won’t believe who Joan Vennochi ran into in Ed Markey’s driveway.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if someone rode past you on a bicycle traveling at nearly the speed of light, well, scientists are trying to work that out for you. Thought you should know.

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