The little things

Tuesday. It could rain. On this day in 1881, Billy the Kid was shot and killed at Fort Sumner by Pat Garrett.

Here’s Biden‘s new ad targeting Texas. I think it’s pretty effective but there’s something missing. Where’s the scapegoating, name-calling, and negativity that we’ve come to expect in a political ad?

It’s nice to see that we’re using state of the art technology in the battle against the coronavirus. Mick Mulvaney, of all people, wrote an op-ed supporting additional funding to address the “testing problem in this country.” You know, the one that the administration says doesn’t exist. Anyway, when a vaccine is ready later this year (hopefully) we may not have enough glass vials to package and distribute it. Syringes may be a problem too. There is a plan to ramp up production. Fingers crossed.

State legislators are earning their paychecks these days. Too much to do, not enough time to do it and no money to fund whatever they’re able to do. One thing is clear. They are going to have to extend the session.

Science writer Lawrence Krauss wasn’t part of the group that signed the notorious letter on open expression of ideas. But he does have some thoughts on how it plays out in the sciences.

And a guy in India is so obsessed with photography that he lives in a giant camera and named his sons Nikon, Canon and Epson(?). I think Leica would be a nice name for a girl.

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