The lesser evil

Friday morning. Only 14 shopping days left.

Another glowing obituary for the very much still living and governing Charlie Baker. This one was written by Bill Forry.

Michael Osterholm is wondering if Omicron will displace the other, more serious but less transmissible, variants. That would be a good thing. He notes that it would be “an amazing turn of events if Mother Nature herself helps us out by giving us a virus that is much more transmissible, that will win the virus King of the Hill debate, and at the same time give us milder illness.” We’re not out of the woods, he emphasizes, but it’s a plausible scenario.

Thomas Edsall gathers up the conventional wisdom on what the Democratic party needs to be about to win over voters.

Rachael Rollins was confirmed by the Senate after a tie breaker. Now, who will take her place as Suffolk DA? The Governor gets to decide this one.

And Birds don’t exist. Fortunately, irony still does.

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