The least worst solution

A bright Tuesday morning. Happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth and Iggy Pop.

Is Kim Jong Un on death’s door? Strange reports from North Korea.

The MA legislature, slow in the best of times, is struggling with restrictions due to the coronavirus. The budget is due in July and other business is falling behind but the leadership has not introduced a remote voting system or other workarounds to speed up the sausage making.

Yesterday was the predicted peak for Massachusetts. The numbers are usually available on the state site at about 4 in the afternoon but yesterday they were delayed for quite a while. And understandably so, since DPH reveled a new dashboard with lots of granular information. My only quibble is that it would have been nice to have it in an interactive web format rather than PDF but I understand that getting the information out quickly is a higher priority than making it fancy.

The Globe ran 16 pages of death notices on Sunday, more than double the pages from last year at this time. Sadly, we’re not the only ones seeing these jumps.

And I get the no preservatives thing, but I’m not sure this makes me want to go out and order a Whopper for lunch.

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