The invisible woman

Thursday. It’s a birthday for Oliver North, Vladimir Putin and Fox News.

How’s that Brexit thing working out for the UK? Survey says! … not so good.

The Guardian reports that, in the US, at least four Black women or girls were murdered each day last year. According to a crime victimization survey they were twice as likely as white women to encounter an armed offender. Why is this not bigger news? “It makes you feel invisible, or like nobody cares,” one activist from Little Rock said. Absolutely tragic.

Do you need some time away from Facebook? Or maybe you want to make a clean break. Here’s how. But breakups are never as easy as you think.

An examination of genetic data and hospital samples points to the lab leak theory as the obvious logical origin of coronavirus, according to this article by Richard Muller and Steven Quay. If that’s all there is to it, it seems pretty compelling.

And you knew it was bound to happen eventually. The latest cryptocurrency is the Trumpcoin. The instructions for his followers to set up a wallet and buy it are just what you would expect. P.T. Barnum would be proud.

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