The interconnected world

Happy Thursday. It’s Repeat Day. Happy Thursday.

Speaking of repeating, Patrick Bryant has a radio show called Pat Nauseam. Username checks out.

The New York subway system was hacked. Also the Steamship Authority here in Massachusetts. Fujifilm’s network is down. A major meat producer was hit. Hospitals, oil pipelines, police networks. And we’re not completely innocent, either. It seems relentless and it looks like a slow-motion version of World War 3.

The show we love to hate, City on a Hill is coming back for another season. For joy.

Apple is easing employees back to the office in the fall. Other companies are moving faster and seeing pushback from workers that have grown used to working in pajama bottoms. Tech workers are feeling empowered and they want some changes. “More than half (57 per cent) of tech professionals want to be assessed on their skills, not their CVs or indeed their gender, ethnicity, education, sexuality, disability and socio-economic status.”

And it’s a tale of two blogs that no one actually reads. Whereas I keep posting day after day, Donald Trump just gave up.

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