The Ides of March

Sunday, March 15th. Birthday wishes to Ry Cooder, Sly Stone and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Nancy Pelosi gave Taoiseach Leo Varadkar the elbow at the annual St. Patricks lunch.

Concerns about the economy have not gone away, even with Friday’s big rally. The service sector will be particularly hard hit in the coming weeks and how that plays out in the larger economy will be the big question.

I just got back from New York and apart from some people wearing masks and slightly thinner crowds of tourists, life seems to be going on as usual. Churches and Broadway theaters are closed but data scientist Michael Donnelly doesn’t think that will be enough. Without more drastic measures applied very quickly, he warns, New York City will become the next Italy.

In Boston, young people are still going out into crowded bars.

The French Health Minister tweeted that taking ibuprofen while infected with coronavirus may cause serious complications and could worsen the infection. If you have a fever, he recommends paracetamol instead.

Researchers at Northeastern University are modeling the trajectory of the coronavirus by mapping its host networks. (We’re the hosts.)

And for those who are stuck at home, food delivery can be a help, although the people doing the deliveries need to be very careful. Stop and Shop is suspending online ordering temporarily but is still working to speed up its delivery service. If you’re working at home and getting slow internet speeds, here are some things you can do that might help. The internet itself should hold up fine. And that’s good because you’ll want to stream the Dropkick Murphys St. Patrick’s day concert on Tuesday.

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