The long honeymoon

Tuesday. The word of the day is facetious.

Bernie Sanders seems to have set Elon Musk off. Or maybe he’s just giving him cover.

Boston gets a new mayor today. Michelle Wu will be sworn in this afternoon. The Globe is setting expectations very high, which probably isn’t fair. Operationalizing politics while governing is hard, particularly at the start of an administration. Wu and her staff, especially if they’re coming from outside city government, are going to need a little time to settle in.

Henry Olsen is concerned for Democrats. And Fredrik deBoer, a dyed in the wool socialist, is worried that people on the left are stuck in their own bubble. Not to worry. People on the right are in a bubble, too. Everyone seems to be in their own bubble these days.

The state’s unemployment insurance fund was supposed to be in deficit. That was bad. But actually, there’s a surplus. That should be good -but it’s also confusing to the business community.

And no, your phone isn’t listening in to your conversations. Spread the word.

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