The haves and the not-yet haves

Good Thursday morning. It’ll be a cool and rainy PB&J Day.

A cautionary tale and a little advice from someone who went through an infection: prepare a quarantine plan and pack a go-bag.

Because many people who have contracted Covid-19 never show symptoms or even know they were infected, serology testing could show who has post-infection immunity and who doesn’t. That would be a good first step to getting society back to normal while we wait for a vaccine.

I don’t get it. It can’t be that easy to get masks. Why aren’t the feds handling all of this?

One of my favorite songwriters, Adam Schlesinger, has died from coronavirus. He was half of the songwriting team from the group Fountains of Wayne. Rolling Stone features some of his songs here.

Ocean State Job Lot is stepping up for its employees.

And maybe Malaysia was just trying to encourage domestic tranquility for couples cooped up together during a virus lockdown. But the focus on wives dressing nice and not nagging their husbands was a bit archaic and very one sided.

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