The great obfuscator

Saturday. Get ready for a heatwave. Today’s word is jink.

Frank Baker gives his thoughts on the city budget and why he voted for it.

It’s expected that a certain percentage of people riding the MBTA would not be wearing masks despite the mandate to do so. But I would think employees and operators should be at 100% compliance. Meanwhile, the biggest brick and mortar retailers in the US are now requiring masks to enter their stores. And on the wearing of masks, the president says… well, your guess is as good as mine.

Headline: Fox attacks Washington Post.

The Times went a bit deeper today than Brian Krebs did yesterday on the Bitcoin hack. It turns out that the person Krebs focused on may have only been on the periphery and that the real culprit apparently stumbled into a Twitter Slack channel and walked away with system admin credentials, which he and others used to get OG usernames. There’s got to be more to this than we’re seeing.

Natalie Wolchover writes about the inside baseball of cosmology as scientists try to determine just how fast the universe is expanding.

And Phillip Reeve has some thoughts on what makes a good picture.

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