The good of the one

Good morning. It’s Monday. The week begins.

Zeninjor Enwemeka tells us everything we need to know about ventilation on MBTA buses and trains. Alexandra Ossola does the same for indoor spaces.

Well, we now know what Donald Trump paid in taxes for each of the first couple of years that he was in the White House. $750.00. Seven hundred and fifty dollars. His hairdresser bill, by comparison, was $70,000. (For those same years, the Bidens paid $3.7 million and $1.5 million respectively and gave away another $1.3 million to charity.) Trump will tell you he paid little to no taxes because he’s smart. Just like it was smart to avoid serving in the military. And smart to siphon money off supposed charitable contributions. It was also very smart to duck responsibility for that whole coronavirus thing. Very complicated. Very messy. Even now he’s smartly trying to stay in office even if he loses the election.

That TikTok ban that was supposed to be effective last week? Didn’t happen. It still might, but for now things are on hold.

Florida gone wild. Restrictions lifted. Very smart. I’m sure it will turn out well.

And this is an interesting approach to making ransomware a thing of the past; making it illegal to pay the ransom.

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