The future is now

Today is Sunday. Apple Computer was incorporated on this date in 1977.

Indoor exercise season is here. Very boring, but I think I can manage 4 seconds a day.

In 1998 Ray Kurzweil wrote The Age of Spiritual Machines. In it he made predictions of a future in the year 2019 where technology would revolutionize the human experience. I remember it as an optimistic book. So, how did his predictions work out? The Militant Futurist blog decided to score them. In general Kurzweil did well. Many of the things he predicted did come to pass. But where we are now is not what anyone would have expected from reading that book in 1998.

Eli Dourado takes his own shot at predicting the future, focusing on the next decade. He sees breakthroughs in medicine, life extension, energy technology, transportation, space, computer science and food. But I think he also ignores those pesky political and cultural issues that will color how the science will play out, as Kurzweil did. It’s a great read nonetheless, with many interesting links to follow.

Bitcoin > $30k yesterday.

And that new mutated variant of Covid-19 is looking like it might be a big problem. Not good.

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