The dog that didn’t bark

Wednesday. The peak of the week.

The craic is back… Boston Irish reports.

We all expected a cyber attack from Russia. But it hasn’t happened yet. So far only Ukraine has been hit and that attack was largely mitigated. One reason may be that some hacker groups are siding with Ukraine. But that can’t be the whole story. Brian Krebs writes about what to expect going forward.

Nigel Gould-Davies thinks Putin has painted himself into a corner. Yuval Noah Harari says that even though the war could go on for a long time, it’s already over for Russia. And Justin Bronk, a specialist in air power and military science, wonders what happened to the Russian Air Force.

Beth Daley (late of the Globe and now managing editor at The Conversation (and no relation)) writes about Jeff Bezos’ quest for immortality.

And the Boston accent has been voted as the most annoying accent in the country. That can’t be true. But if we’re talking about non-Bostonian actors trying to affect a Boston accent, which is what most people have the biggest exposure to, I would have to agree.

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