The city hall derby

Friday, Friday. Sometimes it just turns out that way.

There’s a new ABBA album on the way. It’s only been 40 years since the last one.

The Globe has semi-enthusiastically endorsed Andrea Campbell for mayor. She was previously in the back of the pack and this will, presumably, give her a boost. Wu is currently out front in the polling with Acting Mayor Janey not too far behind. And Willie Gross is chairing what appears to be a well-funded Republican PAC as he campaigns for Annissa Essaibi George. It certainly is an interesting race.

A new study confirms that breakthrough infections of previously vaccinated people are generally shorter in duration and less infectious to others.

The New York Post has an expose on a presidential assignation that occurred more than 50 years ago at Bowdoin and Ashburton Place in Boston. They also reference a friend of that president’s family, the great legal genius, Judge Francis Morrissey.

And grab your pumpkin latte, the season of leaf peeping will soon be upon us.

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