The battle-space

Wednesday. It’s the anniversary of the first UFO sighting.

The outdoor dining experiment in the North End may be coming to an early end for restaurants flaunting the rules. The Licensing Board has scheduled an emergency hearing to lay down the law.

Military-style. That’s the term used by the Globe in this story on items in the police budget and they use it as a catch-all. I’m opposed to the militarization of the police. Officers shouldn’t be equipped like soldiers or even look like soldiers. And in Boston they don’t. But specialized units need certain equipment that could be described as ‘military-style’ for rare critical events. The Globe doesn’t make that distinction very clearly. In this city, day-to-day police work is being done by officers that look like officers. The Globe, and some city councillors, are peddling a false narrative here.

What a difference a month makes. Check out the tone of these two stories from Fox News about armed protesters and see if you can tease out any distinctions.

In a sign of the state of the market, Olympus is getting out of the camera business. With smartphone cameras getting better all the time, traditional camera makers really need differentiation, and Olympus just wasn’t able to stand out. It’s a shame. I always liked their camera and lenses.

And with all the tumult and bad things going on, there’s always an escape to baseball. Not.

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