That ship has sailed

It’s Sunday. A sunny day. The Kyoto Protocol was ratified on this day in 2005. Also, in 1978, the first computer bulletin board came on line.

Birds have figured out how to reduce fake news via retweeting.

The passengers on the coronavirus cruise ship are all getting iPhones. A different cruise ship, docked in Cambodia, is now finding cases of coronavirus among its passengers. Many of them are in the wind, heading back to their home countries. In the US, more testing is being planned. In the UK, a contingency plan is in the works.

I remember couple of years ago when HQ Trivia was the next big thing. Not so much now.

Getty Images is being sued by a photographer who alleges they appropriated her images and then tried to charge her for her own use of them. The photographer had actually donated the photographs to the Library of Congress to provide complete free public access. She is suing for a billion, but that’s because Getty allegedly has a history of doing this sort of thing.

And, applications are being accepted at NASA for the next generation of astronauts. Unfortunately, I think I missed the boat.

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