Thanks for playing

Wednesday. On this day, Babe Ruth was ejected for punching an empire and Ernie Shore stepped in to pitch a no-hitter.

Everyone is trying to figure out what Rachael Rollins is up to and somehow I don’t think she cares.

It looks like legislators are going to grab the lion’s share of that $5 billion in stimulus funds, leaving the governor with a measly $200 million dollar consolation prize.

There will be another big full moon this week. A Strawberry Moon rises tomorrow at sunset.

Raging virus numbers, a mis-managed electric grid, widespread voter suppression. Texas voters just shrug it all off. But when it comes to dogs, well, they pay attention. Don’t mess with those dogs.

And how did I miss this? Al Pacino in a Dunkins’ commercial. OK, it’s a parody from an Adam Sandler movie, which I definitely would have missed, but it’s still amazing. And it’s in the news. (Kind of.)

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