Thanks, but no thanks

A terrific Tuesday. It’s National Puppy Day!

Dr. Oz is hosting Jeopardy. What is, a huge mistake.

We have a new mayor and on her first day the advice is pouring in. The Globe’s James Pindell says she should do nothing right away so that she can do big things later. A reader from Gloucester says she should act now because she is, after all, ‘acting’ mayor. Advice is nice, but I’m sure Kim Janey and her team actually have their own plan.

T. F. Green is the “Official Airport of the New England Patriots.” Colman Herman did the CBA and found that this is a better deal for the airport than it is for the Pats.

I had been a loyal customer of AT&T since the original iPhone came out in 2007. Their data coverage was great and customer service was pretty decent. Then a few years ago I had a phone issue and found myself being passed between the help desk and sales, who tried to upsell me out of a technical problem. It was bad enough that I immediately jumped to T-Mobile where I have been happy ever since. So this experience, by Josh Marshall, is not a surprise to me.

And Sidney Powell is now saying that no reasonable person would have believed what she had said about election fraud. But lots of people did believe it. (I’ll leave you to close the loop for yourself.)

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