Testing the nation

Today is Thursday. I already know what’s for dinner tonight.

Dave Winer has some thoughts on the fate of the woman from the Ramble. So does the man she accosted. I agree with both. Let’s call it a teachable moment.

Between now and when a vaccine is available we’ll need to coordinate around testing. Most countries are taking this on as a national effort but here in the US it has become a campaign issue. Biden has a plan for the federal government to take on testing. The Trump administration wants the states to handle. Here’s the plan for that. Now we’ll wait to see what, if anything, happens.

The president, who was elected on a platform of deregulation and against government over-reach, and who has tweeted or retweeted more than ten times in the last 12 hours, wants to regulate Twitter, which he says (on Twitter) is stifling his free speech. Is it just me?

The Wirecutter reviews the best home hair clippers a week after the barbershops re-opened. Now they tell us.

And a 103 year old Massachusetts woman beat Covid-19. To celebrate, she cracked a Bud Light.

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