Test, test, test, test

It’s Monday. There are only 136 more days left in this inauspicious year.

Ed Harding asked Rachael Rollins if she will be running for mayor of Boston in 2022? You’ll have to watch to hear her answer.

A plan that could bring the coronavirus outbreak in the US to heal in three weeks even as we wait for a vaccine? It’s an interesting approach, and doable. Test everyone, everyday. In any case, we can’t do worse than we’re doing now. Eventually there will be a vaccine. The fastest vaccine developed so far was for mumps, and that took 4 years. But there’s lots of optimism around having a Covid-19 vaccine within 6 to eight months. And there’s good reason to believe that it will be effective.

Nikkei has released market share figures for Japanese camera manufacturers. It looks like Sony’s entry into the mirrorless market in the last decade has hurt Nikon much more than it has Canon.

Lots of things are in short supply these days. Bikes, kayaks, camping gear, even trampolines. Just-in-time-inventory supply chains have not served us well during the pandemic. Now, as kids are heading back to remote classrooms, we’re running out of laptops and Chromebooks. Even where funds are available, supply may not be.

And forget P=NP. The real interesting question is whether MIP*=RE. And in quantum computing, apparently it does.

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