Taxachusetts, indeed

Saturday morning. Dee Dee Ramone, Ronald Reagan and Ray Bradbury all died on this day.

Eat here and get gas supercharged. Marc Hurwitz alerts us to an Elon Musk plan to open restaurants that could also serve as charging stations. It probably won’t be fast food.

How is Massachusetts doing financially? As far as revenue goes, pretty good. Colin Young writing in Commonwealth Magazine: “DOR announced Thursday that it collected $4.002 billion in taxes from people and businesses in May — $2.264 billion or 130.3 percent more than was collected in May 2020 and $2.109 billion or 111.4 percent more than the Baker administration had estimated it would collect for the month.”

Live Boston highlights some good police work downtown as the Captain chases down two suspects.

All those ransomware hacks that we’ve been reading about are just the ones we know about. For each one that gets announced there may be dozens that are handled privately. In other words, it’s worse than we think and we should have listened to Leon Panetta.

And how about cooking in a tuxedo? Courtney Lichterman writes about an ‘influencer’ from another era, the Galloping Gourmet.

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