Taking a stand

Finally Friday. The word of the day is translucent.

The worst Halloween candies? The ones that no one will trade for? Our own Necco wafers made the list.

Republican Charlie Baker’s reputation has him as a dry, efficient bureaucrat, not known for fits of passion. That makes this slow burn display of angry emotion so extraordinary (and reassuring) to watch. Then there’s William Kristol, not someone given to liberal hysterics, who is prepping for a coming constitutional crisis. It might be too early to panic but people from both sides are already planning for the apocalypse scenario. And Trump is doubling down. So I guess, “[w]e’re going to have to see what happens.”

Watch the Generals, part II.

And to underscore the artificial nature of the rational for questioning the results of the upcoming election, the head of the FBI says there is no evidence of the type of voter fraud that Trump continues to reference.

And here’s some breaking news: ‘Belief in Conspiracy Theories Is a Barrier to Controlling Spread of COVID-19.’ You don’t say.

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