Take off your pins

Sunday morning. It’s a birthday for Ben Franklin, Al Capone and Muhammad Ali.

San Francisco is too crowded. Nobody goes there anymore.

This Washington Post video story on the breaching of the Capitol is gripping. The situation was worse than you thought. Other video from Luke Mogelson underscores that. Just wow. Axios has begun a series on how it all started, beginning with election night. And the Wall Street Journal looks at where it will likely end.

Remember that migrant caravan? Apparently it’s still out there, marching around, thousands of miles and two borders away from the US. And with Biden set to be inaugurated this week it’s once again big news at Fox.

Scotland is considering opening a RICO (or, as they call it, an unexplained wealth order) investigation into Trump’s Turnberry golf resort. It seems like they’re arguing about who should initiate it.

And sometimes the wisdom of crowds is pretty stupid.

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