Correlation is not causation

A cool drizzly Tuesday. Happy 86th birthday to Tina Louise who, along with Dawn Wells, is still kicking.

It hasn’t snowed much in New England this year but it’s snowing in Bagdad.

According to public health researchers arguing against expanding the number of food stores that can sell alcohol in Massachusetts, each additional liquor store increases the violent crime rate in a neighborhood by 4.8 percent. They cite crime in Baltimore as an example of what could happen here with more stores selling beer. I don’t buy it.

The T-Mobile/Sprint deal is done.

Some apps offer valuable features for free. Makes you wonder how they make their money.

And if you order an ‘Ove’ Glove through Amazon, you just might get burned.

Eliminating the middleman

Friday! But a bit rainy.

A study from the HBS tells us that buying luxury goods makes us miserable. And yet.

The push is on in Massachusetts to eliminate brokers fees for apartment rentals. New York just did it. The MA legislature seems to want to protect the brokers, many of whom would go out of business without the fees. So what. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the renter to pay the fee. Let the landlord pay if a broker was involved or allow the renter to engage a broker and then have to pay the fee, as in New York. But requiring the renter, sight unseen, to pay the entire broker fee is just wrong.

Apparently there’s a new Apple TV in the works. That’s the device and not the app or services of the same name. Confusing, right?

If you think things are bad now, then just wait. Lots of post-Iowa doom and gloom. I’m not as pessimistic as some but you can count me as concerned.

And on this anniversary of the second day of the Blizzard of 78, the one I spent stranded at someone’s house after bogging down on the turnpike in the middle of the night, here’s an old WGBH clip featuring Shelby Scott.

Coming and going

It’s Sunday, 02/02-2020, a rare palindromic day.

Punxsutawney Phil says it will be an early spring. But we already knew that.

Television viewing habits have changed over the years. Streaming has replaced broadcast TV for most people. But as far as ad pricing goes, today’s Superbowl is still overwhelmingly a broadcast event. As for the game itself? Gronk predicts a zero to zero tie score going into overtime.

Stephen King is quitting Facebook. Good for him.

Here’s an example of operant conditioning developed by the Mumbai Traffic Police. It’s unclear how effective it is for reducing noise but I’m guessing it would wreak havoc on any signal coordination system.

And if Jeff Bezos, the head of one of the largest tech companies on the planet, can get his phone hacked, so can you. Here are some basic tips for prevention.

From gold to bronze

January 19th. Sunday. A day of rest and popcorn.

Self driving cars? Never say never.

Charlie Baker has been dethroned as the most popular governor in America. But it was close. It’s actually a three-way tie for highest favorability but Baker’s unfavorable numbers pushed him down overall to number three, behind Mark Gordon of Wyoming and Larry Hogan of Maryland.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back for season 10 this evening. The trailer bodes well.

The drama at Reddit Boston continues. And now there’s a breakaway sub.

Brian Chen advises us not to be over-reliant on the cloud. If, at some point, you decide to cancel your subscriptions you could lose a lot of data if that data is not backed up locally. So do that.

Fox Business counts two billion reasons how Bloomberg can unseat Trump.

And while local TV newscasters are in a lather over several possible inches of snow this weekend, the folks in Newfoundland really have something to complain about.