Haste makes waste

Thursday already. Things are looking up. It’s Optimists Day.

A stimulus check becomes a restaurant tip on the cape. Good for them.

I wondered about the speed of the appointment of a new permanent police commissioner after Willie Gross retired. Dennis White is a very competent guy but many people were surprised that Walsh picked him for the top job so quickly. That lack of diligence was a disservice to all involved.

Post GameStop, regulators are trying to understand how to regulate when everyone, from quants to media analysts to technologists are trying to game the system. Wallstreetbets should be the least of their worries.

A couple of days ago I wrote about a White House meeting unlike any other. One of the participants, Patrick Byrne, is now telling the story from his point of view. It reads like a Penthouse letter.

And it turns out that Iceland is a banana republic. I would not have thought that.