One big nothing burger

Friday arrives. 18 days until the election. Libra clashes with Jupiter.

Curb your Enthusiasm is 20 years old this week. Pretty, pretty good.

It was billed in May as the ‘Greatest political crime in the history of our country.’ But, as it turned out, it wasn’t. But never mind. Americans have a short memory when it comes to bullshit. So how about something more recent like last night’s town meeting? The FBI says QAnon is a terrorist group. But the president, who the FBI reports to and who gets briefed by the FBI, said last night that he knows nothing about them and won’t condemn the group. Ouch. I think I’ve strained my credulity.

One doctor thinks trick or treating is safe. Let the kids have their candy, he says. They’ve had a tough year. I couldn’t agree more.

We knew it was coming but it’s still going to be confusing. MassDOT is beginning to re-number the highway exits to comply with federal milepost numbering standards.

And local morning news anchor Alaina Pinto lost her job because of a cameo as a newscaster in the new Adam Sandler movie. Things might have turned out better if she was able to plug her employer in the movie. But the fictional channel she appeared on was different from the one she worked at.

Lights, camera… action

It’s Monday. Columbus Day.

Michael O’Sullivan thinks Robert De Niro has gone from a raging bull to an aging tool. I guess he must need the money.

Danny McDonald reviews Marty Walsh’s ‘nonrhotic‘ performance in Frederick Wiseman’s four and a half hour documentary on City Hall. Sounds like it would have made a great Netflix series if it had been broken into shorter segments. But I can’t wait to see it.

Veena Dharmaraj and Staci Rubin make the case for more public investment in electric car charging stations in Massachusetts. And speaking of electric cars, a vehicle engineering revolution is underway. Think big skateboard.

75 year old Ian Gillan, lead singer for Deep Purple, is still touring. He estimates that he’s sung ‘Smoke on the Water,’ 2500 times. That sounds low to me. I’ve probably heard it on the radio more times than that.

And a sitcom character walked into a bar. Right away they knew her name.

The next chapter

It’s Thursday, September 3rd. There will be no cake for Whitey Bulger today.

Pour one out for the Pour House, another Covid-related restaurant loss.

Dr. Facui is warning that case numbers are higher than he thinks they should be going into the Labor Day weekend. But his opinion doesn’t seem to have the weight it once did for the White House. The Times breaks down two potential vaccines that could soon be available and how they might be distributed. The Post looks at whether the FDA should use its emergency powers to speed up the process and history warns us why that might be a bad idea.

The President wants you to vote early and often. Literally, and presumably for him.

What’s my traffic? Several pilots approaching LAX recently had to contend with a man wearing a jetpack flying alongside them.

And Carole Baskin is going to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Of course she is.

For no apparent reason

Wednesday. Halfway up the ladder of the week. Happy Birthday Billy Preston.

Fargo is back later this month with season 4. Here’s the trailer. Another great cast.

Joan Vennochi is prone to nitpicking our local political leaders but she likes the fact that Charlie Baker activated the National Guard for no apparent reason. Go figure.

Canadians not only have fast internet speeds, they’re also quick witted.

You can buy a circuit board with LEDs that show where MBTA trains are (HT to Reddit). I wouldn’t exactly call it “visually stunning” but it is pretty cool, in a nerdy sort of way. Get yours today.

And a new scientific study has determined that cyclists are better walkers than walkers are.

…but I play one on TV

A very nice Saturday morning. Get out and enjoy.

Here we go again.

In an effort to get to the bottom of a how police officers feel about what’s going on and how they see their role in today’s society, one author went to the source: TV cops. This happened.

Devin Nunes has hit a dead end in the search for his cow.

The pollen this season is unrelenting. You could actually see clouds of it hanging over the South Shore earlier this week.

And a City Council sponsored online forum on the over-the-top fireworks in Boston this year ended with a consensus that fireworks this year in Boston are indeed over-the-top and that someone, somehow, should do something about it.