Can’t get there from here

Good mid-week Wednesday. It’s World Photography Day. Get out and shoot.

Rhode Island. Where politics meets with calamari.

Transit experts weigh in on how to leverage changes brought by the coronavirus into sustained solutions by rethinking how we get around.

Cycling is resurgent in many cities, especially New York. And, according to the Times, so are bike thefts. “Leave a bike locked on the street and you might as well consider it a charitable donation — thefts of bikes worth $1,000 or more were up 65 percent in June, and 64 percent in the first two weeks of July, from the same time periods in 2019.” Many apartment buildings and co-ops are setting up bike rooms for secure storage.

Speaking of storing valuable things, important data should not be stored in only one place. That’s the beauty of digital assets. Have as many copies as you like and spread them around. It’s especially true for photographs. This Canon cloud data loss is a good reason to take this advice seriously.

And if this post-coronavirus airline seat design is going to be the new normal, I’ll be pining for the the horrible seats we have now. My back hurts just looking at the new ones.

Window of opportunity

Tuesday. Another hot humid day with temps in the 90’s.

Phoenix reached 115 in July and now they’ve broken the record for the most days of 110-plus temps in a year. But it’s a dry heat.

Massachusetts is in pretty good shape, Covid-wise. Infection rates are low, so much so that some parents are pushing back about keeping schools closed. But, as Helen Branswell warns us, winter is coming and if we let our guard down between now and then things could get “Dickensianly bleak.”

Jerry Taylor has some advice for Democratic strategists.

Swarms of small earthquakes happening at the southern end of the San Andres fault don’t always mean something big is coming, but each time it happens seismologists worry that this could be the time.

Wine windows are making a comeback in Italy. Designed for low-contact commerce in the time of the plague, they’re being reopened for serving lattes, gelato and, of course wine, in the time of coronavirus.

Long strange trip

Sunday, July 5. National Bikini Day.

Juliet Pennington checks in with James Montgomery (of the blues band) to talk about travel.

Kayne West announced a 2020 presidential run. “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” he wrote in a strikingly articulate tweet without inappropriate capitalization, made-up words or grammatical errors.

Before Google Maps and turn by turn directions there were cassette tapes and mile-o-meters. A steampunk version of GPS. Ingenious.

The 747 production line is shutting down. Or at least it will when it finishes its outstanding orders, which will take about two years. I’ve only flown on one once, a decade or so ago, from Hong Kong to Singapore, upstairs in front. It was very nice.

And if you need something to get the adrenaline going on this Sunday morning after a holiday, check out these classic car chases.

Future history

Happy Saturday. It’s the Fourth of July! Today’s word is aphelion.

Baseball has returned to Fenway. But players are already testing positive. I guess we’ll see how this all works out. Take me out with the crowd? No thanks.

Michael Dukakis provides an object lesson in overconfidence in the polls that the Biden campaign should be paying attention to.

Americans still aren’t allowed into Europe even if they show up on a private jet. And in Taiwan, you can board the plane but never take off. Strange times.

One under-valued librarian in a Boston school has had enough. A sad ending to an inspirational career.

And if you’re looking for someone to blame for coronavirus you can blame those damm Neanderthals and their chromosome 3 gene cluster.

Degrees of freedom

Friday on my mind. Beans on the plate.

Making plans for the Forth? Stay home. There’s always next year.

In Massachusetts, Phase 3 starts on Monday (in the city it will begin on July 13.) It took a relatively quick six weeks to get here from Phase 1. The governor says Phase 3 could last for quite a while though, possibly until a vaccine is available and we can move into ‘the new normal‘ of Phase 4. By most measures Massachusetts is doing well. But apparently not well enough for Maine to let us across the Piscataqua, at least not without a vacation-length quarantine. Which is crazy because they really do need the tourism.

Martha Bebinger shows us a day in the life of a contract tracer, much of which is spent trying to keep quarantined people in their homes.

Travel writer Elizabeth Heath suggests micro cruises as a safer alternative to the large overcrowded cruise lines. The only problem is that most small cruises operate somewhere in the European Union and travel restrictions exclude Americans. (I wonder why.)

And it turns out that Stephen Pinker is a pretty good photographer.