Devil in the details

Good Saturday morning. It’s Situational Awareness Day. Also, National Pancake Day!

Jon Chesto reports on the current price of air: $55 million. This is very desirable air.

Earlier in the year, the Minneapolis City Council voted to dismantle its police department. It was big news. Now some councillors want a quiet do-over. Never mind.

Better late than never, the Trillium Beer Garden on the Greenway is open for the season.

More webcams: Here’s a look from the Washington Monument. The Post ranks a few others in the area.

And if you really want to travel to another reality on this Saturday, check out Hotels of Pyongyang. Mesmerizing photos.

Table scraps

Monday. Today is the International Day of Peace. Then tomorrow it’s back to normal.

Which books tend to sell the most copies? Bestsellers, obviously.

A new super high-end steak house is coming to Boston at a time when many smaller restaurants are closing. Salt Bae‘s Nusr-et, with locations in New York, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, and Mykonos, among others, is opening a spot on Arlington Street. Thousand dollar steaks, anyone? Scott Kearnan thinks there’s something wrong with this picture.

Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And despite all the noise, for most people they’re really not.

Adtech and real-time bidding on user profiles is what makes the internet profitable. But it’s also a potential privacy disaster. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties is pushing government watchdogs to clamp down on companies violating the rules around protected data. Which seems to be all the companies.

And starting in mid-October, tourists heading to Hawaii will get either an aloha or an aloha from officials, depending on the results of their coronavirus tests.

Extracurricular activities

Friday, 9/11. Nineteen years ago.

Flights from Boston to Ireland have been significantly curtailed by the coronavirus, so much so that Air Lingus is considering moving its Shannon flight operations elsewhere, possibly to the UK. That would be a huge blow to the area.

Local colleges are starting to bubble up with new cases. BC had their numbers more than double this week. And the state is ramping up hiring for contract tracers. Fall is here.

So how does this work? Your taxes are deferred this year but you have to pay them back in full next year. Unless you elect me. Then you’re off the hook. There’s a word for this… wait, wait, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

This house, on the market in Fall River, is a bargain. It’s beautifully restored and fully furnished with period pieces. The catch? It might be haunted by Lizzie Borden. Actually, I’d call that a selling point.

And Maseratis are a dime a dozen on the roads these days. Just another luxury car for people with way too much money. But now, for the first time in sixteen years, the company is releasing a super car that will take it back to its roots. If something is unattainable it should at least be cool and go very fast.

A forest over the river

Saturday morning. Clouds and rain this weekend as the remnants of Laura come through. Good. We need the rain.

The Keep America Great website isn’t what you think. Here’s why.

There may be big changes afoot for the Brooklyn Bridge. Cyclists have always had a hard time moving through the tourists on the upper deck who are constantly wandering into the bike lane. One part of the new plan, selected after a competition, would move bikes into dedicated lanes on the lower deck. Other changes include a new central plaza on the bridge and much more greenery. It worked for the High Line so why not the Brooklyn Bridge.

The FDA is a hot political mess. Just what we need.

In the Scottish Highlands several years ago, I watched a man stacking rocks along the side of the road near a scenic viewpoint. A tour bus stopped and the guide got out and starting kicking the cairns over, sparking an argument leading to a near fistfight. The man stacking rocks explained that he stops here every year and the stacks are his memorials to a dead family member. The guide insisted that the cairns were creating a breeding ground for mosquitos. To make a long story short, it turns out that they were both right.

And if you’re looking forward to the new iPhones with 5G coming this fall, you might find that they won’t access the faster service without an upgrade to your plan. I guess someone had to pay for that build-out.

Can’t get there from here

Good mid-week Wednesday. It’s World Photography Day. Get out and shoot.

Rhode Island. Where politics meets with calamari.

Transit experts weigh in on how to leverage changes brought by the coronavirus into sustained solutions by rethinking how we get around.

Cycling is resurgent in many cities, especially New York. And, according to the Times, so are bike thefts. “Leave a bike locked on the street and you might as well consider it a charitable donation — thefts of bikes worth $1,000 or more were up 65 percent in June, and 64 percent in the first two weeks of July, from the same time periods in 2019.” Many apartment buildings and co-ops are setting up bike rooms for secure storage.

Speaking of storing valuable things, important data should not be stored in only one place. That’s the beauty of digital assets. Have as many copies as you like and spread them around. It’s especially true for photographs. This Canon cloud data loss is a good reason to take this advice seriously.

And if this post-coronavirus airline seat design is going to be the new normal, I’ll be pining for the the horrible seats we have now. My back hurts just looking at the new ones.