One way ticket

Today is Tuesday. The most random day.

A bonkers millionaire who ran for president has been arrested for tax evasion.

With a budget shortfall looming, service cuts are coming to the MBTA, especially ferry lines and the commuter rail. And when those cuts come, they’re likely here to stay.

Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” An odd thing to say under the circumstances. Maybe replace the ‘dominate your life’ with ‘threaten my reelection’ and it starts to make a little more sense. But still, weird.

Three scientists, including Andrea Ghez from MIT, won the Nobel Prize this week for work on black holes. And Sir Roger Penrose, the Isaac Newton of our time, was one of the three.

And speaking of black holes, the trade deficit (as opposed to the budget deficit, which is $3 trillion dollars) is at $67.1 billion, up 5.9% in August. Good times.

Smoke on the water

Sunday, August 30. Thurgood Marshall began his Supreme Court tenure on this date.

It’s a buyer’s market for apartments this fall.

A marijuana store may be coming to Quincy Market. Out of staters, 21 and over, are allowed to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts, so I’m curious if this store will focus on the tourist trade with overpriced, Boston themed offerings like Hub Haze, Paul Revere Pre-rolls and Beantown Buzz. Pick up a Harvard sweatshirt while you’re there.

The tide went out and the MBTA was swimming naked, financially speaking. Spencer Buell revisits the radical idea of eliminating fares and treating transit as a public good rather than an always-struggling commercial endeavor.

Speaking of radical ideas, let’s just eliminate the spring and fall time changes and stay with daylight savings all year long. It’s 2020. We can handle it.

And another Legal Sea Foods bites the dust. This time in Park Square.

Skin in the game

Tuesday, I think. Right?

He was a nice guy that we all knew from TV.

There was shock and outrage from the defense bar after prosecutors asked for a higher bail for a homeless man accused of robbery when it became clear that the Massachusetts Bail Fund would pay his way. But I’m with the DA on this one. Bail is a surety to insure that the defendant will appear at trial. Why would an indigent person show up for a trial that could end up with them being convicted and incarcerated when they had nothing to lose by avoiding it?

The MBTA is scrambling to find money to keep the lights on. It looks like a little bit of creative bookkeeping may be involved.

The NYT reports that Irish government officials are dropping like flies in the wake of GolfGate. Who thought that a large private dinner gala for senior officials at a hotel in Clifden in the middle of a pandemic was a good idea? “This was in the context of people having been very compliant here with the coronavirus regulations, rather more so than in many other countries,” a professor at Trinity College told the Times. “Some people didn’t even go to parents’ or grandparents’ funerals.” So yes, I can see why people are upset.

And some putz on LinkedIn wrote that New York City was dead forever. “Are .. You .. Kidding .. Me?!”

Can’t get there from here

Good mid-week Wednesday. It’s World Photography Day. Get out and shoot.

Rhode Island. Where politics meets with calamari.

Transit experts weigh in on how to leverage changes brought by the coronavirus into sustained solutions by rethinking how we get around.

Cycling is resurgent in many cities, especially New York. And, according to the Times, so are bike thefts. “Leave a bike locked on the street and you might as well consider it a charitable donation — thefts of bikes worth $1,000 or more were up 65 percent in June, and 64 percent in the first two weeks of July, from the same time periods in 2019.” Many apartment buildings and co-ops are setting up bike rooms for secure storage.

Speaking of storing valuable things, important data should not be stored in only one place. That’s the beauty of digital assets. Have as many copies as you like and spread them around. It’s especially true for photographs. This Canon cloud data loss is a good reason to take this advice seriously.

And if this post-coronavirus airline seat design is going to be the new normal, I’ll be pining for the the horrible seats we have now. My back hurts just looking at the new ones.

Getting from here to there

Lazy Sunday. RIP Arnie, ‘Old Aching Adenoids, Woo Woo (for you, you)’ Ginsburg.

Rounding down old age: Thanks to coronavirus, 60 is the new 65. Now about those elderly discounts.

Ed Markey and Ayanna Pressley have filed a bill to fund free transit rides to the tune of $5 billion dollars. I like the idea of making public transit cheaper and easier to use but the funds will have to come from somewhere. And now, since the administration has run up a gazillion, bazillion dollar deficit, why not get the money from the feds. Who, other than future generations, will even notice.

Less people are flying but more are complaining about the airlines. And, happily, the end may be near for in-flight food service. The food is horrible (and the servings are so small) and it’s not worth the disruption in the cabin.

The folks from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation recommend these 20 2020 albums. So far.

And last week it was pets left behind when owners contracted Covid. This week it’s the office plants. They miss their people. That’s some hard hitting journalism happening right there. What about that yogurt left in the fridge? Stay tuned.