Jumping the line

A cloudy Tuesday. Happy birthday to Rosa Parks, Betty Friedan and Alice Cooper.

Pity the poor platypus.

A bill heading to the MA legislature would make turnstile jumping a non-arrestable offense and lessen the overall penalties. It’s probably a sensible move but I still think that if we just made it cheaper and easier to pay, more people would pay.

The legitimacy of the outcome of an election is based on confidence in the process, as we all well know. So this is probably not a good sign.

A/B testing works well for software interface designs and things like headlines on web sites. But now it’s being used to determine what issues some newspapers cover. That doesn’t strike me right.

Tesla stocks are up this morning for an unknown reason. Could it be this? Semi-related: Here’s what one of their self-driving cars sees as it drives down the street. Pretty amazing.

And yesterday was Truck Day. A happy harbinger of Spring.