Plymouth plantation

Thursday. Just in time. Goodby April.

Boston has a new fire commissioner, Jack Dempsey, former chief of operations. He took over from Joe Finn, a great guy who retired last month.

The Globe reports that Plymouth County received $90 million dollars from the federal government for coronavirus relief, the only county in the state to receive that kind of money. All $90 mill is under the control of three part-time county commissioners. And they’re not giving it back.

Stuck at home with lousy wi-fi? Here are some tips for getting better speeds.

Big Tech leadership: Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to want society to reopen anytime soon. That’s probably because everyone is stuck at home obsessively scrolling through Facebook posts complaining about being stuck at home. Then there’s Elon Musk who continues to reinforce the idea that the self-obsessed, over-the-top characters on Silicon Valley were not an exaggeration.

And in the days after the Marathon Bombing, one of the biggest needs for those working long hours was for cellphone chargers. Same thing today, I assume, for nurses, doctors and first responders. So this is a good effort by the carriers and iHeart.