Framing it up

It’s Friday. Happy birthday to David Hume, Tchaikovsky and Totie Fields.

A future without passwords? Google would like us to get there. There’s got to be a catch, right?

When oil prices spiked a few years ago we all had to delve into the world of crude supplies, regional dynamics and refinery constraints to understand what was happening. These days it’s all about lumber. Emily Stewart educates us on timber supplies, closed or understaffed mills, hardwood from the north and softwood from the south, to help explain why prices are going through the roof.

So what the hell happened in this photo of the Bidens and the Carters? I would love to see the original, uncropped and uncorrected version. Obviously a very wide lens was used but judging by the portraits on the wall and other straight edges, software lens correction was also applied after the fact. Maybe the photographer should have dialed that back a bit.

An increase in spontaneous nuclear reactions in the remains at Chernobyl is concerning scientists. But even if the reactions increase exponentially, as scientists worry they could, any explosion should be contained by the concrete enclosure. The operative word there is should.

And Nuzzle, a link aggregation service for Twitter, is, unfortunately, shutting down. It’s parent, Scroll, was acquired by Twitter and they’ve decided to wind down the service. In The Verge, Dieter Bohn described Nuzzle as “beloved by a tiny set of very online news consumers.” Uh, that would be me.

Growing pains

Sunday. It’s Bach’s birthday (and just in time for St. Matthew’s Passion.)

Big news on the railroad beat – STOP – Canadian Pacific is buying up Kansas City Southern – STOP.

Twitter is 15 years old. Almost old enough to drink. Is that a moustache? How did this happen? Chris Taylor takes a look at some of the milestones involved in getting here.

The Massachusetts Legislature is trying Paul DeBole’s soul.

George W. Bush was once the very definition of conservative politics. He hasn’t changed at all but somehow he’s become a liberal. Now that’s a riddle.

And in Iceland, a volcano near Reykjavik has erupted after being dormant for 800 years. Bjork is very excited. But this volcano, Fagradalsfjall, can’t hold an orthoepic candle to Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted in 2010 and disrupted air traffic across the region and TV announcers around the world.

Non zero sum transportation

The weekend has arrived. It’s Saturday. The word is impunity.

Lily Bohlke reports that Massachusetts is joining Connecticut and Vermont in being more bee friendly. Sweet.

Do residents of the state support incentives for electric vehicles, or are they more in favor of spending on public transit infrastructure? The answer is yes.

Jack Dorsey is selling his original tweet as an NFT. Seth Godin thinks it’s all a very bad idea.

The huge annual GSMA trade show in Barcelona was one of the first large conferences to cancel last year, acting as a bellwether for how the coronavirus would curtail business gatherings. This year, they plan to go ahead.

And photography can document some weird things in nature. Here’s one recent photo of a flying cargo ship. Here’s another of a giant bird made of little birds flying over a lake in Ireland last week. Move over Nessie and Bigfoot.

Second act

Monday morning in New England. Eight years ago today we got a little snow.

Well, Brady won another one. (Was it me or did the announcers seem to lose complete interest in the game and stop calling plays in the middle of the forth quarter?)

The SNL cold open this weekend featured parodies of Superbowl commercials. The real ones from last night were not far off. Most were pretty lame. The Sam Adams spot was kind of OK. The shortest commercial was probably the best. Only 5 seconds. If you missed it, here it is.

Tesla has had a unique position in the market for some time now. That time may be coming to an end. And it’s not Apple ending it.

An offhand deal led to a treasure trove of photographs documenting life in China between 1985 and 2005. It’s called the Beijing Silvermine. Incredible.

And Donald Trump is much happier now that he’s off social media. A win-win.

Meet the new boss

Monday, right? The word of the day is mimesis.

The Boston business community, which was initially suspicious of Marty Walsh’s labor origins, now gives him high marks. The next mayor may not be so business-friendly.

Speaking of the next mayor, Willie Gross is considering throwing his hat into the ring. He’s been thinking about it for some time but with Walsh leaving he can now say it out loud. Gross would have to resign as police commissioner or take a leave of absence to run. Mickey Roache, a popular police commissioner in the nineties, did that. He came in 7th in the preliminary election.

Will we look back on the pandemic as the beginning of a revolution in medicine? Some scientists think so.

Parler is being cut out at every level. They’re crying fowl, framing it a a suppression of free speech. Its not. It’s more like survival of the fittest speech. Parler is just a poor imitation of Twitter. On top of everything else, this week hackers have scraped all of Parler’s data, including deleted posts and videos with location metadata. So their security isn’t very fit either. That data breach could be a big deal for investigators and embarrassing for some people.

And if you’re like me you have recurring subscriptions that you may have forgotten about. Here are some apps that might help get that under control.