Turning the tide

Friday, September 10th.

Fixing the RMV is still a work in progress. That something like this could happen means that they still don’t have solid workflows or quality control in their processes.

Billy Baker provides a history lesson on beach access in Massachusetts. Two Cape Cod lawmakers want to adjust the line from the low water mark to the high water mark so we can all take a stroll along the beach. It’s been tried before. Wealthy homeowners won’t like it and it probably won’t pass constitutional muster, but it’s still worth a shot.

COBOL. The gift that keeps on giving. Until it doesn’t.

There are only so many top-tier information security experts in the world. And none of them work in small town IT departments. A recent Massachusetts hearing on protecting the state’s computer infrastructure concludes that we don’t have the money or the expertise to protect ourselves from hackers. It’s a problem.

And it turns out that the deep state thing was real.