The urgency of this moment

Friday. It’s finally Friday.

It’s been four weeks now that no towns in Massachusetts have shown to be at high risk for Covid. Excellent. (Also, excellent is Pat Greenhouse’s photo of a discarded mask caught in the trees.)

The Globe Editorial Board has woken up to the fact that all the political grandstanding in the City Council could have a negative impact on the health of the city, particularly the AAA bond rating. Councillors are lining up to vote no on the latest budget submitted to them. That’s a mistake. They’ve had their input. Now they need to pass a city budget.

The Times looks at police resignations in the wake of a terrible year.

The governor wants a two month tax holiday.

And the Red Sox are in first place. All is well in the world.

Points for longevity

And I’ve been waiting such a long time. For Saturday.

After a nationwide search the Red Sox picked Alex Cora to be manager. Surprise, surprise.

Peter Lucas writes favorably about the long tenure of Robert DeLeo as Speaker of the House. This could be his last term, he says.

Early yesterday we were on track to reach 2000 coronavirus cases a day in Massachusetts. It didn’t take long. Later in the day we hit that number. Nationally, records are also breaking. 1000 deaths per day for the fourth day in a row.

Nikon had a better than expected quarter. The camera maker is pivoting away from consumer DSLRs and moving more towards mirrorless and high-end cameras. Smart move, and necessary for survival.

And it’s like when the guy in front of you in the checkout line is paying with cash and the kid behind the register is doing the math in his head to figure out how much change to give him.