Put up or shut up

Friday. April is a wrap. Bring on the May flowers.

John Richards couldn’t stand by and watch while people abused the poor apostrophe. So he did something about it. Richards died earlier this week in Boston, England.

Everyone says cops make too much money. And everyone seems to be an expert on policing. But nobody wants to be a cop. A head scratcher.

Open office plans may not survive in the post-pandemic world. Google has some ideas on what the new office will look like. Think campfire circles and inflatable walls.

Andrea Campbell stuck her neck out and announced her run for mayor before the race opened up. Some are now encouraging her to drop out and consider a different job. Not likely, I’m guessing.

And Stephen Wolfram ran the numbers on the mystery of existence and he believes he cracked it. The Universe exists, he calculated, because it is inevitable that it exists. Thank you and good night.

Too close to home

Thursday morning. Foggy and cool.

Now you can watch the video of the head of the NRA trying (and trying) to shoot a motionless elephant. Why would anyone want to shoot an elephant?

There was a shooting in Dudley MA, out by Sturbridge on the Connecticut border. The Boston Globe was all over it. There were also shots fired leading to an armed stand-off in Dorchester. Not a peep on that. Odd.

Michael Collins has died. He was on the first moon mission, the guy stuck in orbit while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got to walk on the moon. He led quite a life and people who knew him said he was an amazing guy.

Here’s the James Carville interview where he goes off on the political viability of wokeness.

And people usually like police dogs. But this police dog from Boston, now working for the NYPD, is not so popular. Looks like he’ll be sent to a farm where he can run free.

Constricted arteries

Saturday. A beautiful day ahead. Today’s word is impresario.

Another SpaceX launch. Watch it here.

The work being done on the Sagamore Bridge was completed more than a month early. The crew now moves over to the Bourne Bridge and the clock ticking down to Memorial Day starts all over again.

President Biden appears ready to go on record acknowledging the Armenian genocide. It’s a big deal in our relationship with Turkey.

Deep-fakes and international relations. What could possibly go wrong?

And a Florida family has been indicted for selling a miracle cure for Covid. What they were selling turned out to be “a powerful bleach typically used for industrial water treatment or bleaching textiles, pulp, and paper.” Hmmm.

Burning down the house

It’s Thursday. The word of the day is ebullient.

In Brockton, if you make a left hook from Petronelli Way you may soon find yourself on Marvin Hagler Drive.

Paul Evans and Ann Marie Doherty threw the spotlight back to the Globe and City Hall after being scapegoated in the Patrick Rose case. There’s lots of anti-BPD rhetoric going around these days but not much in the way of constructive criticism or credit where it’s due. It’s also disappointing to see a conflation of police management and union leadership along with a lack of knowledgeable coverage of how labor law works in Massachusetts. Hint: it’s not just contracts. This is complicated stuff and the public isn’t well served by being fed a simple, one-dimensional storyline.

India is in trouble.

Land Rover and Jaguar are shutting down production temporarily due to a lack of computer chips. It’s been dubbed ‘chipageddon‘ and it’s expected to go on for some time.

And on Earth Day, the Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative wants you to know that the key to an abundant, clean energy future is… you guessed it: bitcoin.

The hand that feeds you

The start of a Wednesday week. And a royal happy birthday to The Queen.

The verdict is in. But the problems with policing and race are far from resolved.

The Boston Public Library and U-Mass, Boston – both publicly funded – paid thousands on large ads in the Globe to bid a fond farewell to Marty Walsh as he headed to Washington. As reported by Commonwealth Magazine (not the Globe, obviously) both were quick to try to justify the expenditures. I imagine they even had straight faces when they did so.

This type of use may be an example of why Charlie Baker refused to jump on the ‘ban all facial recognition by law enforcement’ bandwagon.

Apple announced some new products yesterday. Very colorful computers. I’ll wait for the larger screens coming, presumably, later in the year.

And Ted Nugent somehow managed to catch a fake virus. We should all wish him a fake speedy recovery.