From gold to bronze

January 19th. Sunday. A day of rest and popcorn.

Self driving cars? Never say never.

Charlie Baker has been dethroned as the most popular governor in America. But it was close. It’s actually a three-way tie for highest favorability but Baker’s unfavorable numbers pushed him down overall to number three, behind Mark Gordon of Wyoming and Larry Hogan of Maryland.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back for season 10 this evening. The trailer bodes well.

The drama at Reddit Boston continues. And now there’s a breakaway sub.

Brian Chen advises us not to be over-reliant on the cloud. If, at some point, you decide to cancel your subscriptions you could lose a lot of data if that data is not backed up locally. So do that.

Fox Business counts two billion reasons how Bloomberg can unseat Trump.

And while local TV newscasters are in a lather over several possible inches of snow this weekend, the folks in Newfoundland really have something to complain about.

You are the product

A warm and windy Sunday. Happy birthday to Jeff Bezos, Haruki Murakami and Haverhill’s own Rod Zombie.

Complaining can be good. Except when it’s bad.

You know Facebook is tracking you*. Wired describes just how much information is being collected and what you can do to limit how it’s being used.

This WaPo headline on Tom Steyer‘s campaign is a great example of Betteridge’s Law in action.

If you wanted to analyze your Apple Card spending patterns you were out of luck until now. A frustrated cardholder (and developer) came up with a solution, which he is now offering for a small fee.

And science has apparently established what we all know to be true: looks count.

A fox in the hen house

Saturday. In 1949 it snowed in Los Angles but in Boston today it will be 61 degrees.

I’m constantly losing my glasses. This kid found a planet.

Sal DiMasi wants to lobby his colleagues in the legislature and he’s suing for the right to do so. I’ve always found lobbying to be an unsavory business. It seems antithetical to the public interest. DiMasi says he intends to lobby on behalf of issues, not interests. That’s BS. It’s all interests. That’s why it pays so well.

If you ever wondered how guns get into the hands of criminals, the results of this survey of gun owners might provide a small hint.

It seems like the longest downtown construction project in history but the Emerson renovation of the Little Building is finally scheduled to be completed in September. The linked Globe article says that construction started last year but this has been going on for significantly longer than that. It was disruptive on Tremont Street but I’m glad they preserved the facade of the old building.

And Iran says now that it did shoot down the plane. Nevermind.

Her brother's keeper

Friday’s are always good. And there’s a short warm spell beginning today.

Here’s a nice story to start your day.

Andrea Campbell is not the first, and won’t be the last, politician with family members on the wrong side of the law. But I think she handled this well.

No homework? I’m not sure I buy this elaborate excuse.

Does Bloomberg have a chance? Jonathan Chait lists a few reasons why a Bloomberg nomination would not be a crazy idea. Also, Elizabeth Warren has a closing argument. And what to make of the Steyer surge.

And a Vermont legislator is proposing to outlaw cellphones for anyone under 21. This is somehow mixed up with the Second Amendment and apparently he is trying to make the point that cellphones are more dangerous than guns. Ok, then.

The good & and bad

The first Thursday of 2020. RIP Super Dave

Blizzards, hurricanes, wildfires and now, tumbleweeds.

The Dig follows up its What’s Wrong with Boston (the T, the cost of living, the T and the T) with What’s Right with Boston (healthcare, walkability, the ocean, comedy and seafood).

Yesterday I looked at what the coming year might hold but today Fred Wilson goes bigger with a peek at the next decade: goodbye Boomers, a Pied Piper Internet, dominant China and the end of meat. Much of it sounds plausible but you know what they say about predicting, especially the future?

Very well written opinion piece by Stuart Stevens on today’s Republican Party.

And you can get a $10,000 cocktail! Don’t dally, there’s only 11 left.