From the T to the sea

Black Monday. Or at least thats what futures indicate.

Bouncing a ping pong ball with any sort of precision is hard for many people (like, for instance, me). There’s a lot of physics happening. But a small robot, put together with only a handfull of ingredients, seems to have no problem. Fascinating to watch.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that the new developers of a project at the Bayside Expo Center are hoping to build a technology hub, with office space, labs and residential units. Lots of open space. And there are plans to leverage research efforts going on at UMass just around the corner. This location has a long history of unfulfilled promise. But this plan appears to be solid, at least in its broad outlines. More details are expected in a future filing.

David Bernstein describes a telling moment in MA legislature. It seems that there’s only one guy making the sausages.

As of March 8th, there were 547 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US. But a computer simulation, “based on transmission dynamics parameters estimated from previous studies and air traffic data from Wuhan”, puts the real number at twice that. Testing is still a problem.

And, in case you were on the fence but need a little push, the listing for the Brady mansion is still active and even has some nice photos and even a video.

Doubling time

Happy Sunday. We lost an hour. Don’t forget to set your clocks.

Sleeping as entertainment. It’s the Truman Show. Once again life imitates art.

In Massachusetts, health insurance will now cover the full costs of testing and treatment of coronavirus per instructions from the state Division of Insurance. Handshakes and hugs are on hold. A Malaysian news site reported that the Vatican confirmed Pope Francis had tested positive. Not true. But the numbers continue to grow in Italy as the entire region of Lombardy is going into lockdown. How effective it will be is yet to be seen. In MA there are now 13 cases of over 400 confirmed in the US. To project into the future Liz Specht ran the numbers, which are doubling every 6-10 days or so -and it looks pretty grim. This is especially true for hospitals, as this leaked slide shows.

Last week South Carolina was make-or-break for Joe Biden. This week Michigan is that for Sanders.

Those liberals and their fancy coffee. Ben Adler reviews a book by Kristin B. Tate that has a weird premise. Tate, he says, believes people are fleeing thriving blue cities like Boston and New York because of failed liberal policies. And, she complains, they’re moving to less-desirable red cities and bringing their wacky liberal ways with them, making those cites less less-desirable. Huh? I know correlation doesn’t always equal causation but the pattern of ‘thriving blue cities’ and ‘less desirable red cities’ is what stands out for me.

And the Globe ran a story about a fatal crash in Wales MA. Had to look it up. As a lifelong resident of the state I had never heard of the town of Wales. I guess it must be a nice quiet place.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you

There’s a light frosting of snow on this Saturday morning. RIP, Stanley Kubrick.

The Washington Post takes a look inside the Bernie media machine. It’s not mainstream at all.

Gyms are adapting to life in the time of coronavirus but some gig workers are not making out as well. In the US, we still don’t have the testing capability we need. Testing was botched early on and it’s still a mess. Kits continue to be in short supply. The President said that he likes the numbers where they are, so I hope this is not a calculated ‘head in the sand’ strategy.

McCoy Tyner, who defined jazz piano for a generation, has died at 81.

A billion here, a billion there. The Massachusetts house approved $18 billion dollars in transportation funding without much public discussion. Most of the horse trading was done in private conversations.

And if you’re considering a low carb diet, not only might you drop a few pounds, you may also get a younger brain.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Today is Super Tuesday. Vote early.

The verdict is in. Wendys‘ new breakfast sandwiches live up to the hype.

Coronavirus testing is ramping up in the US. A million tests may happen in next week. That’s good. It will give us a baseline for where we are. Symptoms look a lot like a cold or the flu. Pope Francis has tested negative. He had a cold. New England is seeing a slow uptick in cases but most can be connected to foreign travel. Helen Branswell looks at the numbers from China, which seem to be moving in the right direction, although some commenters doubt that the numbers provided by the Chinese government are accurate.

Don Aucoin provides inside baseball on why Plaza Suite‘s sold out run in Boston wasn’t reviewed. And the Times looks at another play that’s in ‘preview’ mode.

ProPublica notes that the software used in many parts of the country to help direct people to the polls and to provide election results is antiquated and vulnerable to hacking. Barnstable is called out. It looks now like it’s basically a two-person race for Democratic nomination. Politico distills the differences between the Sanders and Biden camps.

And if your local Rexall is out of hand sanitizer, it’s really pretty easy to make your own.

A black box under the golden dome

Monday. Can’t trust that day.

While Boston is still thinking about free transit, Luxembourg has already pulled the trigger.

Journalist Shira Schoenberg tried to find out how members of the MA House Ways and Means Committee voted on the recent transportation bill. It’s still a mystery. So much for transparency.

Mayor Pete is out. I sure that we haven’t seen the last of him.

The Week in Tech is all about coronavirus. There have been big impacts on manufacturing, supply chain and travel. Lots of conferences cancelled. Even SXSW may be on the ropes. Universal Hub notes at least one Boston conference that is still happening. And Yahoo has some tips for the workplace in this, the time of the coronavirus.

Here’s a Gawker Stalker courtesy of the West Side Rag: Tracy Morgan in a Lamborghini and Larry David in what looks like a coffee shop.

And don’t miss the Savin Hillbillies upcoming shows. They’re at the Dorchester Brewing Company on Wednesday and Tavolo on the 14th.