Everything you know is wrong

Sunday. It’s the 30th anniversary of the start of the Belgian UFO wave.

First it was here, and now it’s gone. The mystery of the monolith continues.

Here are a few articles for Sunday morning on our vulnerability to misinformation. In the first, Scientific American explores the “New World Disorder.” The Guardian looks at how to spot logical holes in a conspiracy theory. And David Brooks channels Jonathan Rauch on Republican distrust of traditional sources of information.

It’s everything you wanted to know about the McRib sandwich, including how work at Natick Labs contributed to its success and how its availability rises and falls with the price of pork.

Matt Patricia is out. Fired, along with Lions general manager Bob Quinn, who hired him.

And you may want to stay away from World’s End in Hingham in early December (unless you’re outfitted in bright orange.)

Plan your work, work your plan

It’s Monday morning. The last week of October starts now.

Sharon Brody considers the cider doughnut.

Does the administration have a covid plan? Joe Biden says they don’t but apparently they do – or did. It had something to do with Santa Claus. But that plan has been scrapped and it seems like they’ve just given up.

It was not a good day for Cam Newton. As the Post puts it, Patriots struggle, Brady soars. And that about says it.

I think the ratings for last night’s 60 Minutes episode were probably higher than they would have been if someone hadn’t brought all that attention to it. The Streisand Effect in action.

And we probably can forget flying cars. But walking cars? I guess it’s better than nothing.

Happily ever after

Monday morning. Let’s get to it.

If you’ve always wanted to be in the movies, there’s a casting call for a film shooting on the South Shore this fall. Maybe you’ll qualify for a pay bump.

The Herald reports that FinCon flagged a $40 million dollar city fund for a lack of ongoing audits. But the fund, attached to the Guaranteed Streets program, seems to be doing what it was designed to do and, apart from the lack of audits, appears to be well managed. So audits will be forthcoming now and everyone is happy. Nice to see routine checks and balances are working at the city level.

So this looks like another one of those ‘what did he know and when did he know it‘ deals.

An article in Discover magazine tells us that the quantum internet will transmit information faster than the speed of light. That would be a nice trick if it were true. But it’s not.

And how about Tampa’s second half comeback from behind to win the game? I always thought it was Belichick’s halftime pep talks that turned things around. But maybe it was Brady all along.

An act of God

Sunday is here. Sputnik, the first satellite, was launched 63 years ago today.

St. Matthew‘s, in the heart of Dorchester, is closing its doors for good. The parish will be absorbed into St. Angela’s in Mattapan Square.

Virus? What virus? And on it goes. No one is to blame. Judd Gregg is quoted in the Post saying that voters will see the virus simply as “something that was like a horrible hurricane, where you can’t lay the blame and have little control over it.” Sure, I guess, if, as the hurricane approached, you ignored an evacuation order, left all your windows wide open and then stood on the edge of the seawall in howling winds as the waves crashed and sucked you into the sea. It happens.

No Pats today. Cam Newton had a positive pre-game test. More time now for game films before facing the Chiefs.

The latest Bond was delayed until 2021 and it looks like that will spell doom for Regal Cinemas, which are expected to shut down later this week as a result. Some say theaters may never come back.

And Anthony Fauci tells Science Magazine that he doesn’t mind being the skunk at the garden party. We don’t mind either.

Like a drunken sailor

Saturday. Today’s word is leitmotif.

The northwest has had a bad enough year as it is. And now come the Murder Hornets.

Total government spending this year to date is about $6.1 trillion dollars, with a deficit of $3 trillion. We had 11 consecutive months of deficit spending. Then came the virus. At some point we need to start digging our way out of this hole.

Bill Pennington, writing in the Times, says we, in New England, are past Tom Brady. Probably not yet, I think. But we’re getting there. We’re moving on.

Everyone wishes the president and first lady a quick recovery from Covid. But you have to just shake your head at the arrogant stupidity of this group of Trump family anti-maskers.

And, fortunately, it’s still nice enough outside to do the peace walks. Evan Allen tagged along on one in Dorchester. Too bad they had to suspend the walks for the summer. We needed them more than ever this year.