How soon we forget

Good morning. It’s going to be a mild Thursday.

Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York and, at least according to this headline, he has some concerns about Zoom. Apart from that, his platform sounds pretty good.

Workers in grocery stores hung in there during the pandemic, dealing with maskless customers acting out over toilet paper. It’s past time that we get them vaccinated, along with the teachers and nurses. It’s only right, right?

Faster than light warp drives were a science fiction thing. But now scientists have worked out how to actually build one. Here’s Sabine Hossenfelder to explain.

Boston traffic has apparently improved. Last year we had the distinction of having the worst traffic in the US. But in the latest rankings we’ve dropped to number 4 nationally, 36th globally, putting us behind backwaters like Zagreb and Rostov-on-Don in congestion. Come on, we can do better than that.

And a Bloomberg story from yesterday has been updated to reflect that the police video system that was hacked was not in Stoughton, MA, but Stoughton, Wisconsin. So close.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Monday. This week is in like a lion.

One company, in Taiwan, produces most of the microchips needed to build all of the cars in America. What could possibly go wrong?

Massachusetts is moving into a new phase of reopenings today. Restaurant owners are happy but the governor seems to be at odds with some healthcare leaders interviewed by the Globe, who argue for a slower approach. Other experts interviewed by the New York Times were more optimistic about the coming months.

Universal Hub reports that someone who lives in the Seaport complained to the City of Boston about a loud and obnoxious Lamborghini driver in the neighborhood, asking them to send police to enforce the speeding and noise rules. But there’s only one problem: Boston Police don’t have jurisdiction in that part of Boston. Weird, I know.

First Parler was ‘hacked’ and now Gab has had a huge breach. Tens of gigabytes of user data and private posts have been uploaded to DDoSecrets. Who’s running these sites?

And you may have heard of the Manhattan Beach in California, but in 2023 there will be a beach in Manhattan.

Full of holes

Good morning. It’s Wednesday. The day the music died.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday so I wouldn’t put away that winter gear quite yet.

Valentine’s Day is coming and that means heart-shaped doughnuts. The most popular doughnut in Massachusetts, according to an analysis of google search results, is the chocolate frosted. But after dinner another favorite rules. I wonder why no one has invented a strawberry shortcake doughnut.

Residents are reporting problems in those new super tall and thin residential skyscrapers in New York. Pipes are leaking, walls are creaking and elevators are stuck. Who says you can never be too tall or thin?

Our own Tom Brady is becoming a mythical character. (We’ll see just how mythical on Sunday.)

And a couple of years ago people were actually complaining that there were too many quality TV shows to watch. The pandemic took care of that. Peak TV is now trough TV. But we do have more episodes of City on a Hill to look forward to.

Parler games

Wednesday, Jan 13th. It’s the anniversary of the Hawaii Emergency Alert scare.

That Trump tax cut that some workers received before the election was actually a deferral of taxes until after the election. Now it’s time to pay up.

Hacking Parler was not difficult because the site was not very secure. Amateurishly insecure, actually. “This is like a Computer Science 101 bad homework assignment, the kind of stuff that you would do when you’re first learning how web servers work. I wouldn’t even call it a rookie mistake because, as a professional, you would never write something like this,” Kenneth White told Wired. The exfiltrated data is already being used to identify Parler users inside the Capitol during the uprising.

The new Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station came in under budget and ahead of schedule. The reviews are glowing. It looks beautiful in photos. And, it has become a catalyst for other improvements in the area. Nice work!

Business Insider: “The US military will have a larger footprint in the nation’s capital by this weekend than the total number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.”

And if you ever get a chance to go to Tunis, you should. The food is amazing, even the runny eggs. In the meantime there’s this.

Not with a bang but a whimper

Wednesday, Dec 30th. Rasputin and Saddam Hussein both met their end on this date.

There will be no fireworks in Boston on this New Year’s Eve. And just as well.

As a long time user of Penn Station I’ve become adjusted to the changes over the years. And a big change is coming. A new high-ceiling train hall will be opening in January for riders waiting for trains on the Long Island and Amtrak lines, which is what I take. The new hall is across 8th Ave in the old post office building. I can’t wait to see how they handle the rush when tracks are announced.

More than 40% of workers are still working remotely. It turns out that many are more productive at home and some experts say they should be paid more. And, remote workers take less sick days.

Homicides are up 41% in New York City, with 447 recorded so far in 2020. Boston has seen a similar increase, from 37 in 2019 to 47 this year.

And remember, NO PICKING!