Fixing potholes

Monday, April 5th. Kurt Cobain, Alan Ginsburg and Saul Bellow all died on this date.

Airlines and hotels have reduced their capacities. Post-pandemic demand for travel is about to surge. Supply, meet demand. Travellers should prepare for higher prices.

Kim Janey is out in the street, attending events and making appearances as the acting mayor. Danny McDonald interviewed a bunch of political insiders and they all agree that if she does run for the job (which, of course she will) that this visibility will give her an edge over the other candidates. They point to the similar situation that Tom Menino was in as acting mayor when Ray Flynn left to take a job in the Clinton Administration. But Tom Menino had a hook. He was the urban mechanic and he used his time as acting mayor to demonstrate that he could be effective in that role. It was what differentiated him from the other candidates. Janey will need more than just higher visibility. She’ll need a hook to make her stand out from the crowd.

Still no inspection stickers. Applus is quiet. The RMV is deflecting. Not a good situation.

Its original name was Harbor Lights. The list of artists that performed there includes Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Radiohead and Billie Eilish. Later, the name of the place was changed to Bank of Boston Pavilion. Then BankBoston Pavilion. Then Fleet Bank Pavilion. Then Bank of America Pavilion… Blue Hills Bank Pavilion… Rockland Trust Pavilion. Now it has a new name, the Leader Bank Pavilion. Maybe we should just call it the increasingly more obscure financial institution music venue. IMOFIMV. It would be easier to remember.

And how long would it take to walk all the way around the moon? Of course someone has done the calculations.

You can get there from here

Happy Easter. How’s your keaster?

Food and Wine Magazine found the best 50 chocolate makers in the US. It sounds like a lot of dreary research went into putting the list together. Anyway, 4 of the best are here in Massachusetts: Goodnow Farms in Sudbury, EH Chocolatier in Cambridge, Taza in Somerville and Chequessett on the Cape.

One of the things Amtrak included in its plans for expansion under the infrastructure bill is to extend Downeaster train service to Rockland Maine, something that hasn’t been in place since 1959. It would be a nice ride up from Boston.

Facebook was hacked. Lots of personal information was compromised. (Check your email or password to see if it’s out there.)

It’s time to take St. Matthew Passion off the playlist. Michael Brodeur offers some alternatives for spring listening.

And a pioneering woman mariner from Egypt is making the best of an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. Just make sure you spell her name right.

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Friday. Today, the film Fargo is 25 years old.

If all goes according to plan, July 4th will be one hell of a celebration this year.

Kim Janey is drumming her fingers waiting for Marty Walsh to leave even as senior staff head for the door. Meanwhile, Larry DiCara is worried about the financial state of the city. And he’s right. There’s uncertainty around the post-pandemic economy in Boston and a mayoral change only adds to the uncertainty. The last two administrations, over more than twenty years, have managed the budget very conservatively and it’s in pretty good shape today with most obligations fully funded. Hopefully this will continue.

Squeeze’ Chris Difford has written a memoir of his time as the group’s lyricist. Here are some excerpts.

Baker told the teachers union that a plan for in-school vaccinations, administered by firefighters, is not going to happen. Teachers are getting vaccinated but they have to take the time to schedule a shot and drive to the vaccination site. Sounds reasonable to me. It’s better than what the grocery store workers are getting.

And Kia has a new minivan that will turn heads. Is that John Travolta behind the wheel?

A brand new hairdo

Sunday morning, February 28th. The last day in the shortest month.

The Dorchester Youth Collaborative is an institution in the city. It’s a shame that they’re closing, another victim of the pandemic. They’ve saved many young lives over the years.

You wouldn’t think a story on cosmetology at a Boston high school would be very important in the grand scheme of things. Hairdressing classes? But it’s a way to engage students and put them on a carer track for something that has meaning for them. The problem, as Meg Irons points out, is that Madison Park High seems to only be going through the motions. Rhode Island has the right idea. Include business training, budgets and entrepreneurship in the cosmetology track. Give kids the tools they need to do well in the future, don’t just keep them placated for four years in the present.

Are vaccines safe and effective? That question was answered in Milton, MA, 200 years ago.

A new album by… Nancy Sinatra? It’s a retrospective and Christopher Muther is right, the songs are surprisingly good. Lots of them were written by Lee Hazelwood with backing by the Wrecking Crew. They certainly are of their time.

And a plastic surgeon, who was double-booked for a surgical procedure and an appearance on a video call for traffic court, decided to do both at the same time. Double face time.

Driven by necessity

Saturday. Somewhere in wintertime.

Billy Baker takes us surfing – in New England – in February.

The pandemic forced restaurants to change their service models to focus on online ordering and delivery. Now, many mom and pop operations seem to have well designed and regularly updated online menus, and the delivery sites work even better. That’s good news for the software developers that build these things and, ultimately, for customers.

I’m not great with faces and since everyone is wearing masks these days, it’s even harder to pick people you know out of the crowd at the grocery store. (But at least now I have an excuse for not recognizing someone.)

The Guardian has the story on that guy and his company buying up all the music, including Neil Young’s catalog.

And since the new Apple M1 Macs are super powerful and efficient, they should be great for mining crypto, right? Well actually…