The big enchilada

It’s Monday. A cool dark Monday. Johnny Cash recorded live From Folsom Prison on this day in 1968.

An old beat up Mustang just sold for $3.7 million dollars. Of course there’s some history involved.

Taco Bell will begin paying managers $100,000 salaries. This makes perfect sense to me. Managers are key to how restaurants like these operate and it only takes one trip to a dysfunctional fast food place to write it off for good. Next step: think about paying reasonable wages to the rest of the staff.

In this month of Drynuary, the Times looks into changing attitudes about alcohol.

Sabine Hossenfelder continues to advocate for change in how physicists approach their work.

And if you thought the vinyl resurgence wasn’t just an exercise in nostalgia you’ll be disappointed to learn that, of the top ten records sold in the 2010’s, only one of those albums was recorded in that decade. The rest were all very old (number one was Abby Road).

A thought experiment

It’s Wednesday, the 352nd day of the year. It’s also Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day.

Fallon Sherrock is the first woman to win the world championship of darts. She beat Ted Evetts for the prize.

As a research experiment, the Massachusetts Housing Partnership ran the numbers and concluded that it would be possible to get a lot of people off the roads by adding denser housing around T stations. The report doesn’t address the transit system capability to handle all those extra people other than to say that the added riders will “demand — and help pay for — better and more frequent transit service”. Simple as that.

News flash: Lobster thief caught red handed.

Ted Gioia has released his best 100 albums of 2019. His are far and away the most eclectic and high quality ‘best of ‘music lists available. (It looks like someone made a shared iTunes playlist of this year’s selections.)

And the wife of the vice-president of Zimbabwe has got some explaining to do.

We'll always have Worcester

It will be in the high seventies today out here on the edge of the Everglades. A nice Saturday in December.

The city of New Orleans has been hit with a ransomware attack. The mayor declared a state of emergency. Public safety systems seem to be operating, at least nominally. Last month Louisiana state servers were hit.

Worcester, Paris of the Eighties. It’s a thing. And there’s merch.

News today that running may actually be good for middle aged knees. The benefit seems to come from strengthening the surrounding muscles.

And there’s a new Christmas album by Los Lobos and it’s going into heavy rotation in my holiday playlist.

Cosmic debris

A sunny Saturday. Also a date which will live in infamy.

This morning the Herald provides some essential local reporting by covering end of year City Council activity. Good stuff. The piece actually seems to have a point of view. Now if they would only dump some of those columnists I could even consider a subscription.

If the universe is 13.8 billion years old, how can we see 46 billion light years away? Ethan Siegel explains.

The Guardian has released their list of the best classical music of 2019.

And there’s a pasta crackdown targeting the old women of Bari.